Design Systems for Customer Management

UX Research, User testing, UI Design

UX Techniques Used

Research, user interviews, user flow, wireframing, prototyping, UI design.

Tools I Used


My Role

.Product Design

Problem Statement

People who work in the professions of coaching and mentoring,
need daily monitoring of appointments, payments.
There is no system specifically designed for them, with options tailored to them.

Objectives & Goals

♦ A system that will centralize all relevant tasks.

♦ Option to send reminders for appointments and payments.

Product Users

People who work in business consulting, couples, coaching and mentoring in all kinds of fields

Quantitative Research

I sent a survey to people who are engaged in these professions with questions of using technology

When do you take payment?

At the end of each meeting 35%
Before the process 25%
In the last meeting 40%

What platform do you use to schedule appointments?

Google Calander 65%
Phone 20%
A notebook 15%

Where do you write the meeting summary?

Word file 35%
A notebook 25%
Phone 40%

Do you remember every follow-up you did?

No 60%
Yes 40%


Most employees divide the tasks into different platforms, which makes it difficult for them.
They are interested in one neat system that will centralize the relevant tasks for them.

User Persona

Based on the user research. I referred to them throughout the entire product development process.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor 1

I checked the dashboard of WIX.

Features :

→ The customer list is conveniently arranged with the relevant details.

→ The notification system opens in a prominent and clear window

Competitor 2

I checked the dashboard of Monday.

Features :

→ The main board has summary graphs.

→ The division on the main screen.

→ A popup opens when you want to add content.

User Flow

Design & Style Guide